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Im a outsider artist  who didnt go to Art School, or have any formal training.  Born in Essex, raised on a council estate,  i had a pretty feral upbringing and showed no interest in art  at school, it was the  1980s, schools wer'nt equipped to deal with kids that were on the ADHD spectrum  we were just called disruptive or troublesome.  So i left school at 15 with no qualifications.  The death of my grandmother hit me hard at 15, and over the next few years I was pretty lost, getting in to trouble and on a few ocassions ending up in a police cell.   It wasnt until i was in my 20s that i realised making art and music gave me a purpose.

​I  love creating  unique and unusual art from lost objects that have drifted on the river and found their way to me.

​​The materials i use for my Assemblages are all found on the banks of the rivers and sea  in North East Essex and Suffolk, mostly driftwood and bits of broken boats, washers and  rusty metal and various things that people have thrown away or given to me.

​ I dont weather the wood,

​saw or manipulate the pieces to fit.

if they dont fit in the form i find them in then i dont use that piece for the artwork.


​​ They all have a history, these bits of scrap, a journey they have been on and they remind me of the shipbuilders, shipyard and sailors that used to be on the river, where i live.  Sadly i know only a few fisherpersons in a village that used to have many and the shipyard is no more, making way for fancy pants overpriced flats and unaffordable studios.  So in some way my work is homage to the sailors that used to sail on the seas





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